Bill The Artist

My Father is a craftsman who poses rather natural artistic ability. He introduced me to drawing and other basic art mediums at a fairly young age. I grew up accustomed to my art work on the refrigerator and also pinned to the kitchen walls.

As a young teenager I spent much of my spare time drawing. Musicians were my favorite subject. I would sketch for hours while listening to rock n roll radio with an occasional pause for some raging air guitar.

"I can't express how great the work is! You have captured her better than I thought anyone could.... It is like you knew her yourself!" - Justin [Denver Veterinarian]

I continued to draw and paint throughout high school. After high school I focused my attention on a career in music and found myself drawing and painting less and less. Finally in 2009 I enrolled in a class at the Art Students League that got me fired up again. The past five years I have continued my art education and study privately with Denver based artist Michael Gadlin.

I primarily work in acrylics and mixed media on hard board surfaces. My abstract pieces often incorporate charcoal, house paint and collage along with acrylics.Dog's are another favorite subject of mine.

As an artist I get excited about the application of paint, my tools of choice and the fundamental's of art. In many cases it's the excitement and curiosity of those ingredients that encourage me to create new work

Artist Bill Sickles in studio

Artist Bill Sickles in studio

"I just wanted to let you know that my mom loves your painting of PJ. It is absolutely beautiful hanging on the wall and truly captures our PJ. Thank you!" -Pam

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