Hi fellow guitar players.Here are some simple and basic audio examples that coincide with written material  I have handed out at either a recent guitar lesson or school visit.

The material for "Wish You Were Here" by the band Pink Floyd  and "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey have both been simplified and modified to make them approachable to newcomers.In other words...... beginners.

We all got to start somewhere!

Don't Stop Believing is a bit more involved then Wish You Were Here.

Please bare in mind that my goal here is not to achieve a dazzling recording production but to provide some audio samples that coincide with the written material.Good luck and have fun.

Wish You Were Here: I created a two part arrangement.of a part that was originally played by one guitar.This "Wish You Were Here" lesson material addresses a ten bar figure that reoccurs within the song.I think it will be pretty obvious to you as it's played at the beginning,the middle and the end of the song.

For the putting it all together version I played the parts together as one and overdubbed the introduction guitar solo on the second go round. 

Don't Stop Believing: A primary 8 measure figure that is used for both the verse and chorus of the song.  Arranged for three guitar parts.