Bill The Artist:

Custom Pet Paintings | My commission process


Step #1 Submit photo reference of your pet and a deposit. Paintings are rendered from photos that you provide. You are welcome and encouraged to provide more than one photo. You may email photos or mail me a CD. A deposit is required in advance in order for me to begin the painting.


What do I look for in a photo? I prefer candid shots where the subject is acting natural and spontaneous. I will then look at the photos to determine which one or one’s I believe will make a great painting and discuss the choice with you before proceeding. It is very important to me to capture the personality of your pet and photos only tell part of the story so please include some written information about your pet as well.

*Please let me know if your painting is in memory of a beloved friend.


Backgrounds: While the subject is often referred to as the positive space the surrounding area is referred to as the negative space. Many artists don’t feel that negative space is not a good term for the surrounding space since it’s role plays such an important part in creating a successful piece. I put a lot of thought and planning into the space around the pet before starting the painting and may choose a background other than what is provided in the photo for creative purposes.


Cropping: I crop the photos to create the strongest composition. This is where I plan the design of the piece. Keep in mind, It is best to choose a final size that is in proportion to the cropping of the original photo.


Standard Sizes and prices are as follows. I also work with my clients on custom sizes that fit your needs.

Prices do not include shipping or tax.


12X16  $230              14 X 18 $300                16X16  $300                    16X20 $380


If after the cropping stage I feel as if a custom sized surface would benefit your painting I will bring it to your attention.

Paintings are done with professional grade acrylic paints on hardboard that is affixed to a wood backing/support.

I custom make my painting surfaces and much time and work goes into the piece before the painting stage has begun.


Please Note: The above “standard” sizes are chosen to make it easy to find a pre-made traditional frame. I do not provide the frames. The finished work is wired and ready to hang and does not require a frame.


Step #2 : Once we have agreed on a photo and a size I start the fun stuff…painting!

Step #3 :

Schedule a time for you to see the painting before I apply a protective clear coat and apply any finishing touches.  

I will then contact you to make final arrangements for pickup.

Balance is due at the time of pickup.

The complete process requires about 8 weeks once I have received photo reference and the deposit.

It may be sooner or it may be longer but I have to be 100% satisfied with the painting before it goes to its new home.Please let me know in advance if you if you have a deadline.